Do you want to rent or sell a property?

Do you know what HOME STAGING is?

it has been found that 80% of all buyers decide for or against buying a property in the first minute through the door. This is why the first impression counts and it has to be a good one. Home Staging is about preparing and re vamping a home to improve rental or sales conditions in a easy and inexpensive way. The aim is to make the house more attractive for potential buyers or tenants and so rent or sell your property in the least time at the best possible price.

How much does it cost?

A home stager is an added bonus, increasing the value of your home.
It will help you sell at the exact market price in 3 times the speed.
You will get a return on your investment as soon as you sell your property!
I am not here to turn your house into a luxury property but I will get the most out of what is already there.
I do not charge estimate costs.
My commission will never exceed 3% of the sale cost of the property. This includes my work as a home stager and all the complementary work ( painting, change of floors, repairs…).
With my work team, we offer a comprehensive “key in hand” service, by carrying out all necessary work and reforms ourselves with no need for subcontracts, we guarantee speed and the ease of having only one point of contact throughout the process.
We voluntarily keep costs at a minimum. The idea is that my intervention focuses on the priorities and highlights the positive aspects of the building.

What are the stages?

1. First visit
I visit your house. At this first stage I want to know all there is to know about your home. From room to room, inside the house and out, I make a thorough examination of the property you wish to sell or rent. Every room is studied to the detail. I take photographs and ask questions. 
2. Second visit
Presentation of home staging project, with details of work to be carried out, photographs of the materials I have chosen and total cost of the work. Your views and observations are essential here. And then we agree on when to start.
3. Third visit
We carry out the work and harmonisation of the space and decoration.
I create an environment which will please the majority, using your furniture and objects. I look for ways of making the most of what you have while finding solutions for what I believe is missing or inadequate, always keeping costs at a minimum.  This is a very important stage, essential to create the right setting for the future house hunters to “fall in love”!
Once your property is ready to receive potential buyers, I will give you a list of the key points to focus on so you can get the most out of future viewings.
4. Fourth visit
On this final visit you get a photographic report of the home staging on your property, which you can use to promote your home in whichever way you see fit.

“An example of Home staging applied to a 205,177 Euro house”

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